Ask me anything   Submit   A struggling twenty-one-year-old artist that wants to share adoration on plethora of things. A Gutterheart (Marc Almond) fan, Linkin Park fan, Depeche Mode fan (devotee) and a pethead (PSB) fan. Love all kinds of music, downloaded a lot of music at one point, so I'm sure to know quite a bit. Hope to be an animator one day develop my own indie film production! I love Depeche Mode, Andy Warhol, Roy Lietchenstein, Picasso, M.C. Ecsher, Van Gogh,Edweard Muybridge,Salvador Dali, Tim Burton, Wes Craven, Stephen King, cartoons, etc

(Official Bio)
Born on August 18, 1992
Jaleen Lynee Wedlow have been drawing at a young age from drawing on walls to drawing on books.
As a preteen, she often would sketch out and tried to copy her grandfather and cousin who were other artists in the immediate family.
Later on as a teen, she attended Chouinard School of Arts until it was closed; then attended art clubs in high school. It was then she decided it was then time to progress it even further. She graduated with honors with a GPA of 3.43 and earned her high school diploma.
She accepted and attended college briefly at University of California Riverside, but due to financial reasons, she had to quit and attend a community college. She currently attends Los Angeles City College to hope to gain a degree in Studio Art.
She struggles but manages decent grades and commission work if needed.
She is in the process of scriptwriting for a future cartoon movie and also is working on a side project commission work for Alesha Escobar's trilogy The Tower's Alchemist.
The most commissioned work was paid $120
She can do storyboard art, sketches, editing videos, script writing, editing papers, portrait art and teacher's assistant.
If you want to check out to see what she's about then have a look on her deviant art site
need contact info
She doesn't mention phone number info due to privacy reasons unless she knows you directly. The best bet is on Facebook, Twitter, and email (will be on the Short Description section)
She's a very eclectic artist, so her passion in art falls in many varieties of things.
She is currently a self-employed artist, but is always looking for a job that is willing to hire her. Have any questions? Let her know and she will get to you as soon as possible.

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Currently watching. #Divine #johnWaters #PinkFlamingo #Avantgarde #Art

Currently watching. #Divine #johnWaters #PinkFlamingo #Avantgarde #Art

— 1 year ago
#johnwaters  #divine  #art  #avantgarde  #pinkflamingo